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Презентация к уроку английского языка в 5 классе «Каникулы в международном лагере». Учитель английского языка МБОУ гимназии №19 имени Н.З.Поповичевой г. Липецка Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна.
Слайд 2
to spend             parents to go                  abroad to miss              a trip to take                shopping to enjoy              holidays to start               mushrooms to gather            care of Make up the word combinations:
Слайд 3
Writing a letter to a friend from a camp giving news
Слайд 4
Learn new words: to go са n о eing – плавать на каноэ to go horse riding- ездить на лошади to look forward- ждать с нетерпением the campfire- костёр a barbecue- гриль to go rafting- сплавляться на плоту live – живой a couple - пара
Слайд 5
Dear Angie, 1) _ I'm having a great time here at summer camp. The place is lovely and the weather is good. 2) _ In the mornings we have Art lessons or we go swimming. In the afternoons we go са n о eing or horse riding. Everyone looks forward to the evenings, when we all sit together around the campfire. We usually have a barbecue, sing songs or tell stories. It's just great. 3) _ We've got lots of exciting plans. On Saturday we're going rafting. We're spending the whole day on the river and having a picnic lunch. Then on Sunday we're having a big party with live music and lots of food and drink. I can't wait!   4) _ See you in a couple of weeks. Love, Ryan
Слайд 6
This weekend: Saturday: visit a ranch Sunday: have a big party This weekend: Sat: visit a ranch Sun: have a big party Imagine you are at Sunrise summer camp. Read the advertisement, then choose activities from the advertisement to answer the questions.
Слайд 7
Plan Dear (friend's first name), Introduction (Para 1) opening remarks - what the place/ weather is like Main Body (Para 2) what you do every day (Para 3) what you are doing this weekend Conclusion (Para 4) closing remarks Yours, (your first name)
Слайд 8
Your homework: Use your answers from Ex. 2 and the plan to write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her your news. (80 words) Use the letter in Ex. 1 as a model.

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