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Industry of Tatarstan Borisova Ludmila 11A
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Tatarstan is one of the most developed economical regions in Russia. The republic is located in the middle of the large industrial area of Russian Federation, at the important ways junction connecting east and west, north and south of the state.

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All in all the industry of Tatarstan republic is defined by fuel and oil-chemical industries (oil extracting, synthetic rubber, tyre, polyethylene production as well as wide range of oil-processing product), large machine-building plants (heavy trucks, helicopters, planes and plane engines, compressors and oil and gas pumping equipment, river and sea ships and cars) as well as electrical and radio gadget building, but…

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The northwestern part is an old industrial region where engineering, chemical and light industry dominate.

Tatarstan consists of three distinguished industrial regions.

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In the new industrial Northeast region with its core in the Naberezhnye Chelny-Nizhnekamsk agglomeration, major industries are automobile construction, chemical industry, and power engineering.

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The Southeast region has oil production with engineering under development.

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The North, Central, South, and Southwest parts of the Republic are rural regions.

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The region's main source of wealth is oil. Tatarstan produces 32 million tonnes of crude oil per year and has estimated oil reserves of more than 1 billion tons. Industrial production constitutes 45% of the Republic's gross regional domestic product. The most developed manufacturing industries are petrochemical industry and machine building.

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The truck-maker KamAZ is the region's largest enterprise and employs about 1/5 of Tatarstan's work force. In 2009 the company “Kamaz” occupied 56,5% of the cargo automobile (weighing over 14 tons) Russian market. Every second truck produced in Russia and CIS is an automobile “Kamaz”. About 24% of all Russian tractors are produced in Tatarstan.

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Tatarstan's aviation industry produces Tu-214 passenger airplanes and helicopters. The Kazan Helicopter Plant is one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the world.

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Engineering, textiles, clothing, wood processing, and food industries are also of key significance in Tatarstan.

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The republic has a highly developed transport network. It mainly comprises highways, railway lines, four navigable rivers — Volga (İdel), Kama (Çulman), Vyatka (Noqrat) and Belaya (Ağidel), and oil pipelines and airlines. The territory of Tatarstan is crossed by the main gas pipelines carrying natural gas from Urengoy and Yamburg to the west and the major oil pipelines supplying oil to various cities in the European part of Russia.

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Commercial and economical ties of Tatarstan with foreign countries are of great importance for the economics of the republic - over 120 countries have commercial activities with the Republic of Tatarstan such as: the CIS and Baltic countries.. In 2009 the foreign trade turnover of Tatarstan was $13,5 bln ($11,7 bln - the export and $1,8 bln - the import).

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Republic Tatarstan rich in all senses!

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