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Let’s Learn About Scotland
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Развивать положительную мотивацию изучения английского языка , готовность воспринять культуру страны изучаемого языка по средством темы Цель урока
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Задачи урока Расширять с помощью английского языка представление учащихся об окружающем мире , о странах мира . Познакомить с Шотландией обычаями и культурой этого народа . Развивать навыки чтения ,аудирования и устной речи Воспитывать в учащихся интерес к другим странам и познаниям окружающего мира
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Where is Scotland? Scotland is noted on a card by green colour .
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The Map of Scotland
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A Few Facts About Scotland • The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. • The money used is called the pound sterling. • The population of Scotland is 4,996,000. • The language spoken is English . • Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom.
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Let’s Visit Some Important Cities in Scotland Edinburgh Edinburgh is the capital city.
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• Glasgow
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Famous Sights in Scotland • Stirling Castle Stirling Castle is from medieval times and is near Edinburgh. It is opened to visitors.
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• Famous Castles and Historic Houses l
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• Ancient Stones of Scotland
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What Scottish Kids Do • Scottish kids enjoy many sports. They play football, soccer, rugby, squash and golf. • They like to ride a bicycle, hike and fish in the summer. In the winter they ski and skate.
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Scotland’s Important People • Alexander Graham Bell - the inventor of the telephone • Andrew Carnegie -came to the U.S. and made a fortune in the iron and steel business. He gave money to build many of our libraries. • Sean Connery - an actor who starred the first James Bond movies. • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the author of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. • Sheena Easton - a famous pop singer. • Captain Kidd - a famous pirate. • John Muir -founded our U.S. National Park system . • Robert Louis Stevenson - an author of Treasure Island .
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Scotland is famous for… • Haggis- a food made from the organs of sheep and oatmeal. • Kilts - traditional Scottish woolen cloth costume with a tartan or plaid pattern. This is a skirt that men wear. • Bagpipers - people who play the bagpipes, a traditional Scottish instrument .
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Scottish Culture • Scots celebrate many holidays. Scottish families are called clans and each clan has a special plaid to show what their family is. These are the plaids on their kilts.
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What Scots Like to Eat
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Your Home Task : • Ask your class-mate about Scotland. • (10 questions) Good luck.

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