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Olympic Games

The early Olympic Games started in 776 B.C in ancient Greece. Greek people found those games so important that they used periods in between the Games to date important historical events. The winner of the Games got very good prizes – free food and housing for life. Poets mentioned the winners in their poems, architects made sculptures of winner athletes, and they became popular throughout Greece. So, winning the Olympic Games made you a national hero. People from Italy, Sicily, Asia, Africa, and Spain all made the long way to Olympia. Olympia was chosen as a sight of the Games because it was a beautiful green valley between two rivers. The Olympia was also the place where the wild olive tree grew. And the Crown Olive became the only prize won at Olympia. One Persian leader who fought against Greece noticed that Greek people loved fighting not for gold and money but purely for the sake of excelling. Originally there was only one race. It was a sprint and the winners got a prize - an olive wreath. Time went on and other races and other sports were added like boxing and wrestling.

In 1894 baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Then they were resumed in London after the Second World War. Since then the Olympics are held every fourth year in different countries. In 1924 the first Winter Olympic Games were held in France. Now they are being held regularly. Then the Paralympic Games were added for people with physical disabilities and Youth Olympic Games for teenage athletes.

The Olympic idea means friendship, fraternity and cooperation among the people of the world. The Olympic Movement proves that real peace can be achieved through sport. The Olympic emblem is five interlinked rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. Any national flag contains at least one of these colours. The Games now give the chance to different sportsmen to get national or even international fame. And the Games also give an opportunity for the host city and country to show themselves to the world.

Task 3

Read and Insert

+ I know it

- I don’t know it

? I don’t understand

Task 4

Who renewed ?


Make a map of events



Why ?

What types?

What events?

What for?

The Olympic Games, the Olympics – Олимпийские игры

a major international event – одно из основных международное событие

an athlete – атлет ancient Greece – древняя Греция

worldwide – по всему миру

to date historical events – датировать историческое событие

a winner – победитель a sculpture – скульптура

a national hero – национальный герой honor – слава

Olympia – Олимпия (город в Древней Греции, место проведения Олимпийских игр)

a sight of the Games – место игр

for the sake of excelling – ради превосходства, победы,

a sprint – бег на короткую дистанцию, спринт an olive wreath – оливковый венок

Pierre de Coubertin – Пьер де Кубертен

the International Olympic Committee – Международный Олимпийский Комитет

Winter Olympic Games – Зимние Олимпийские игры

Summer Olympic Games – Летние Олимпийский Игры

people with physical disabilities – люди с ограниченными возможностями

to give the chance – давать шанс international fame – международная слава

Write name and surname ________________________________________________

Task 5

Make a project

School Olympic games ( - For adult - For teenagers - For kids)

Draw: an emblem a flag.

Make a programme of your Olympic games (3-5 events)

10 minutes

A speaker is to represent projects

Put marks for you work in the group

5” worked very well “4” worked well “3” worked so-so

Captains of the groups put marks for your classmates’ work

5” worked very well “4” worked well “3” worked so-so


Put marks to other groups











5 - very original;

4 - original;

3 - not very original



3-not very good

5- pupils spoke well;

4- pupils spoke not well;

3- pupils spoke


5- correct and easy to understand;

4-correct, but not easy to understand;

3- not correct, difficult to understand

Answer the guestions

What did you do at the lesson?

What did you like most?

What would you like to do next time?

Was the lesson useful for you?

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