Конспект урока «Президенты США» по английскому языку

Тема: Развитие навыка монологической речи по теме «Президенты США»

Цель урока: Развитие навыка монологической речи и изучающего чтения по теме «Президенты США»

Задачи :


- расширить знания учащихся по страноведению,

- обучение связному монологическому высказыванию по данной теме,

- развитие познавательного интереса.


- развитие навыков произношения, навыков аудирования

- развитие навыков изучающего чтения и вопросно- ответной работы по тексту.


- привитие уважительного отношения к традициям и ценностям других стран

Речевой материал: лексика по теме «Washington».

Оснащение: аудиозапись гимна Америки, карточки с тестовыми заданиями, портреты президентов США Дж.Вашингтона, А. Линкольна,

Т. Джефферсона, Б.Абамы; портрет президента России В. Путина


Ощепкова В.В. О США кратко. М., «Иностранный язык», 2000





Ход урока

I. Организационный момент.

- Good morning, children! I am glad to see you. How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

II. Речевая разминка.

Today we shall speak, listen and read about presidents.

Do you remember what is the name of the first president of the USA?

What is the capital of the USA?

III. Развитие навыка аудирования.

Звучит мелодия песни «America, the Beautiful”.


Oh beautiful for patriot dream

That sees beyond the years,

Thine alabaster cities gleam

Undimmed by human tears!

America! America!

God mend thine every flaw:

Confirm thy soul in self-control

Thy liberty in law!

Прекрасна патриотами

Ты- зеркало их грез

О городах сверкающих

Где горя нет и слез!

Америка! Америка!

Господь, благослови

От берега до берега

Жизнь в братстве и любви!

These are the words from the patriotic song “America, the beautiful”. Americans like to read and hear about the heroes of American history. They enjoy patriotic songs like “America, the beautiful”. They are proud of their country , its achievements. And they are proud of their presidents as well as their country.

To begin with we’ll listen to the text about the hometown of the President of the United States – Washington D.C. I want you to open your books. Let’s look through the new words. Repeat after me.

Учащиеся повторяют слова за учителем.

Listen to the tape recorder. Прослушивание аудиозаписи текста. Приложение 1

Now, please, I want you to answer my questions.

1) What does D.C. stand for?

2) Where was G. Washington born?

3) What did he especially like?

4) Who was the third president of the USA?

5) What was written by Thomas Jefferson?

6) Which president taught himself how to read and write?

7) What did Lincoln write?

IV. Развитие навыка монологической речи.

Высказывания учащихся о президентах США.

V. Беседа о президенте Америки Б. Абама.

Children, who is the president of the USA now? When was he elected?

Let’s do a quick quiz about B. Abama.

Выполняют тест. Приложение 2

VI. Развитие навыков изучающего чтения и вопросно- ответной работы .

Now we'll read the text «How to become a US President”

According to the US Constitution, a president must be elected every four years. To become a US president, you must …

  • be 35 or older,

  • be a US citizen born in the USA,

  • have lived in the USA at least 14 years.

You can only serve two terms. This means you can be a president twice. This became a law in 1951. Before that, the law was different. In fact, Franklin D.Roosevelt became a president in 1933 and was still president when he died in 1945.

The US president is not the only person with power. The US government is divided into three parts: the President, the Supreme Court and the Congress. There are two houses of Congress: the Senate, which has 100 members called “senators”, and the House Representatives, which has 435 members.

  • What about our country?

  • Who is the President of Russia?

Чтение и перевод Конституции РФ:

- Президентом РФ может быть гражданин РФ не моложе 35 лет, постоянно проживающий на территории РФ не менее 10 лет.

- Одно и тоже лицо не может быть Президентом РФ более двух сроков подряд.

VII. Закрепление полученных на уроке знаний.

Now you know many interesting facts about the president of the USA. You’ve got some information about the US Constitution. Compare the US Constitution and RF Constitution. Complete the list.

In Russia

In the USA

In Tatarstan

To become a president you must be


To become a president you must have lived in the country

You can serve


VIII. Итоги урока. Домашнее задание.

Thank you for your work. Here are your marks.

Homework: to make a report about the President of Tatarstan

Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov

Приложение 1

Washington, D.C.

The city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America is located in the District of Columbia (DC for short) Many people consider Washington DC to be one of the most beatiful cities in the world. It is filled with many parks, wide streets and impressive buildings. In the centre of the city, in Capitol Park, visitors' eyes focus on the Capitol, where Congress convence to inect laws. Many visitors come to Washington DC to see the White House. It is the greatest attraction for many of them. The White House, the official residence of the President, is situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W .

Do you know who George Washington is? He was the first person to be elected the President of the United States. George Washington was born in Virginia, just south of Washington DC. He grew up on a large farm. He went to school for about eight years. He especially liked to study maths. He also liked to study history and geography, because he wanted to know about other parts of the world. George Washington led the American army in many battles during the War for American Independence.

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson. He was the third president of the US. The Jefferson Memorial was built in honor of him. Inside is a 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson standing on a 6-foot pedestal.

Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth president of the US in 1861. He taught himself how to read and write. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclomation, which freed the blacks in the south from slavery.

Приложение 2

  1. Where was Barack Obama born?

  1. Kenya, b) Indonesia, c) Hawaii, d) Illinois

  1. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born and raised in Kenya and herded goats as a youth. His mother, Ann Punham was raised in …

  1. Nebraska, b) Kansas, c) Missouri, d) Hawaii.

  1. After Obama’s parents had divorced, his mother married again and the family in 1967 moved to …

  1. Kenya, b) Pakistan, c) Libya, d) Indonesia

  1. As a youth Barack Obama was commonly called…

  1. The O Man, b) Joe, c) Barry, d) Bam

  1. Obama, who once practiced as a layer, got his law degree from …

  1. Harvard, b) Yale, c) Duke, d) Florida State.

  1. Obama is a Member of which church?

  1. Catholic, b) Presbyterian, c) United Church of Christ, d) Primitive Baptist.

7) Obama’s first public political post was as an Illinois State Senator . How long did he serve?

a) 6 months, b) 2 years, c) 4 years, d) 8 years.

8. What year did Obama win his US Senate Seat?

a) 1996, b) 2000, c) 2002, d) 2004

9. His eldest is Malia - which year was she born in?

a) 1998, b) 1999, c) 2000, d) 2001

10. Obama and his wife, Michelle, were married in …

a) 1990, b) 1991, c) 1992, d) 1993.

Keys: 1c, 2b, 3d, 4c, 5a, 6c, 7d, 8d, 9a, 10c

Здесь представлен конспект к уроку на тему «Президенты США», который Вы можете бесплатно скачать на нашем сайте. Предмет конспекта: Английский язык Также здесь Вы можете найти дополнительные учебные материалы и презентации по данной теме, используя которые, Вы сможете еще больше заинтересовать аудиторию и преподнести еще больше полезной информации.

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