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Для учащихся 8 классов

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1.Choose the correct answer.

Part I:

1. I ______ a student.

a) is b)am c)are d)be

2. ______ two sisters.

a) There is c) He is

b) He got d)He’s got

3. He _______ like me.

a)no b)doesn’t c)not d)don’t

4. I’m English. Where are ______ from?

a)you c)are you

b)are d)you are

5. _______ she go to the Institute every day?

a)Do b)Does c)Is d)Are

6._______some books on the table.

a)There aren’t c)There is

b)There are d)There isn’t

7. There isn’t _______cheese in the fridge.

a)some b)a c)any d)the

8. ______you speak English?

a)Are b)Can c)Were d)Have

9.”What are you doing now?” “I_______ English.”

a)is c)study

b)studying d)am studying

10. Do you like________ in London?

a)lives c)lived

b)living d)live

11. I _______ to the cinema yesterday.

a)go b)gone c)went d)was

12. Where _______ yesterday?

a)did you go c)went you

b)you go d) you went

13. James ______ to play football tomorrow.

a)can b)will c)is going d)shall

14.John is good at tennis but Mari is______ .

a)good b)badly c)better d)well

15. Mary _______ that film.

a)seen already c)already seen

b)has already seen d)have already seen

16. I’ve been in London _______last Christmas.

a)ago b)or c)until d)since

17. I _______ for two hours.

a)am working c) work

b)have been working d) working

18. I _______ go to the cinema but I don’t any more.

a) used to c)used

b)did use d)use

19. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and I _________ for half an hour ago.

a)must wait c)had to wait

b)had wait d)should wait

20. Peter doesn’t like beer and ________.

a) neither I do c)so do I

b) neither do I d)so I do

21. I _______ television last night when my friend rang.

a)have been watching c) watched

b)have watched d) was watching

22. There was a robbery at the bank last night and all the money __________.

a) is stolen c) has stolen

b) was stolen d0was being stolen

23. I _______ to Africa on Business.

a) am being sent c)am sent

b) am send d) be send

24. Unless _______ hard he’ll fail the exam.

  1. he’ll work c) he works

b) he worked d) he’d work

25. If I were you________ to a doctor.

a)I went b) I’ll go c)I go d) I’d go

26. She liked the film _______?

  1. isn’t it c) didn’t she

  2. won’t she d) doesn’t she

27. I worked hard_________ my exam.

a) to pass c) for pass

b) for passing d) to passing

28. When I arrived at the station the train __________ .

a)had already left c)already left

b)was already left d)would already leave

29. After __________ his homework he went to bed.

a)finish c)to finish

b)finished d) finishing

30. I ________ go to Spain next year.

a)would like c)like

b)like to d)would like to

31. When he ________ finished the exam, he’ll be able to talk to you.

a)will c)is

b)will have d)has

32. If he ________ the car immediately the accident wouldn’t have happened.

a) stopped c)had stopped

b) would stop d)would have stopped

33. If I had asked the way I _______ got lost.

a) wouldn’t have c) hadn’t

b) not have d)won’t have

34. You ________ your homework before you came to the lesson!

a) should do c)should have done

b) should be done d) should be doing

35. By next year he __________his exams.

a) had passed c) will pass

b) will have passed d) has passed

36. I’ve rung the bell but there’s no answer. He _________ in bed.

a) must be c) will be

b) can be d) needs to be

37. I wish I _________that.

a) didn’t c)not say

b) hadn’t said d) don’t say

38. Take the umbrella in case it ___________.

a)has rained c)rains

b)will rain d)rain

39. He suffers _______ hay fever every summer.

a) in b) from c)of d)on

40. ____________ two tickets for the cinema.

a) I’m given c)They’re given

b)I’ve been given d)I’ve given

Part II:

41. Look! They __________ their computer!

a)install c)installed

b)are installing d)had installed

42. He ________ the system unit, the keyboard, and the video display unit.

a)had just connected c)has just connect

b)has just connected d)have just connected

43. Fibre optics _________ now instead of copper cables.

a) are used c)has been used

b)is used d) had used

44. Computer industry ________ very fast at present.

a) is developing c)develop

b) was developing d) have developed

45. Engineers ________ to work to fit greater numbers of circuit elements onto smaller chips.

a) continue c) have continued

b) are continuing d) had continued

46. Electronic engineering ________ with the research, design, integration and application of circuits and devices.

a) deal with c)is dealing with

b)deals with d) dealt with

47. Many people _________ into computer systems.

a) breaks c)breaking

b)broken d)break

48. Computer security _________ secrecy, accuracy, availability of aspects.

a)include c)including

b)includes d)are included

49. The ways of working a metal _________ on its properties.

a)depends c) are depend

b) depend d) have depended

50. The virus ________ a boot sector before Sue installed antiviral software on her computer system.

a) have infected c) has infected

b) had infected d) has been infected

51. In 1995 Israel ________ the first country to legislate penalties both for those who write computer programs and those who spread them.

a) become c)has become

b)became d) had become

52. All metals can ________ by drawing, rolling, hammering and extrusion.

a) be formed c) being formed

b) form d) to form

53. George Stephenson ________ in 1803 in Willington Quay.

a) is born c) have been born

b) was born d) has born

54. Engineers must _________ how materials respond to external forces.

a) have know c)know

b) knew d) to know

55. Compression is a pressure _________ a decrease in volume.

a) causing c) caused

b)cause d) have caused

56. Continuous-fibre composites ________ for structural applications.

a) are required c)have required

b) require d) was required

57. In 1867 Nobel _________ what he called dynamite.

a) has produced c)had produced

b) produced d) produces

58. The unit of energy, called the joule, _______ after Joule.

a) is named c) names

b) name d) named

59. Recently computers _________ possible the development of computer-aided design.

a) have made c)had made

b)made d) make

60. Computer networks _________ particularly vulnerable to computer crimes.





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