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What are their types? What are differences between them?

Do you like bread? General question What do you like? Special question You like bread, don’t you? Tag-question

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There is no question word. GENERAL QUESTION

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There is a question word “ WHAT”. Special question

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Tag- ending

You like bread, don’t you? Ты любишь хлеб, не так ли? не правда ли?

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Look at the examples. What do you think: How can we build tag-questions?

You are a pupil, aren’t you? He is 6, isn’t he? She can jump, can’t she? They have got student’s books, haven’t they? Pupils will read different texts, won’t they? Children were at home, weren’t they? John must arrange flowers in a vase, mustn’t he? You aren’t a pupil, are you? He isn’t 6, is he? Jane can’t jump, can she? Children weren’t at home, were they?

V1 She speaks English well, doesn’t she? They invite our students to London, don’t they? V2 Ann spoke English well, didn’t she? V2 They invited our students to London, didn’t they?

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ONLY SHORT FORMS will not =won't do not=don’t did not= didn’t are not=aren’t can not=can’t shall not =shan’t does not= doesn’t is not=isn’t have not=haven’t has not=hasn’t I’ll=I shall I’m=I am I’ve=I have He’ll=he will He’s=He is He’s=he has She’ll=she will She’s=she is She’s=has it’ll=it will It’s=it is It’s =it has we’ll=we shall We’re=we are We’ve=we have you’ll=you will You’re=you are You’ve=you have they’ll=they will they’re=they are they’ve=they have

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will/ shall won’t/ shan’t/are/can ____ were/must/is/are/can , weren’t/mustn’t/isn’t ?

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(I, we, you, They) _______ PRESENT SIMPLE , don’t/ do ?

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(he/she /it) (he/she /it) _______ PRESENT SIMPLE , doesn’t/ does ?

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_______ PAST SIMPLE , didn’t/ did ?

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I am……… I live in……………. I have got………… I can ………………. I can’t……………….. Yesterday I……………. I will …………………… tomorrow.

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Work in pairs. Exchange your papers. You and your partner should repeat the information with a tag. FOR EXAMPLE:

You are Nick, aren’t you?- Yes, I am.

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Information resourses

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