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Слайд 1: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 1

You Bet! Country Studies Game

Слайд 2: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 2

Great Britain

Слайд 3: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 3

Final Game

Symbols People Dates Traditions Sights & Monuments Sports Towns & Cities

Слайд 4: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 4

The Land 10

What parts does England consist of?

Basically we can name North of England, Midlands, Heart of England, East, South-East and South-West

Слайд 5: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 5

The Land 20

What’s the name of the biggest of the British Isles?

Great Britain. It’s simply Great Britain!

Слайд 6: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 6

The Land 30

The Thames is the most important river of England, but which is the longest one?

The Severn is. It runs through Wales and England and is 220 miles (354 km) long.

Слайд 7: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 7

The Land 40

This place in the North of England is especially attractive for tourists for its scenery

It’s Lake District

Слайд 8: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 8

The Land 50

If you travel this part of the country up to the ocean, you’ll find yourself at the place which is called very simply: “Land’s End”. Where is it situated?

It’s the most western point of England. It’s a cape in the South-West.

Слайд 9: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 9

Literature 10

“To be or not to be?” – this character asked himself. Who is the author?

William Shakespear is the author of “Hamlet”.

Слайд 10: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 10

Literature 20

One of Shakespeare’s tragedies tell a story of two lovers who were not allowed to be together because of their families’ hatred. What are their names, famous all over the world?

Romeo and Juliet

Слайд 11: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 11

Literature 30

“My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart’s in the Highlands a-chasing the deer, A-chasing the wild deer and following the roe – My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go!” Who is the author of this poem?

Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet

Слайд 12: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 12

Literature 40

The name of this writer, author of “Ivanhoe” and “Rob Roy”, is deeply connected with Princess Street in Edinburgh. Who is this writer?

Sir Walter Scott

Слайд 13: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 13

Literature 50

This Englishwoman is merely called “the queen of detective stories”. Her novels, created at the beginning of the 20th century, are still popular all over the world. What’s her name?

Agatha Christie

Слайд 14: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 14

Politics 10

Who does the power belong to in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland?

The power in the UK belongs to the Parliament and the Prime Minister.

Слайд 15: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 15

Politics 20

How many Houses does the British Parliament include? Which ones?

They are two: the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Слайд 16: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 16

Politics 30

Great Britain used to be a huge Empire. What happened to the most of the former British Colonies?

They formed the Commonwealth

Слайд 17: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 17

Politics 40

He is the elder son of Queen Elisabeth II and therefore he is the heir of the British Throne. Can you remember his name?

Prince Charles

Слайд 18: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 18

Politics 50

Just an address: 10 Downing St., London. Who lives there? Can you remember at least one name?

British Prime Ministers - Gordon Brown since 27 June 2007 Tony Blair John Major Margaret Thatcher …

Слайд 19: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 19

History 10

It happened in 1666 and it destroyed ¾ of London. What was it?

The Great Fire Of London

Слайд 20: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 20

History 20

He was a French and he invaded the British Isles in the 11th century. He took over England and became King of England under the name of…

William the Conqueror

Слайд 21: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 21

History 30

Who founded the town of London (Londinium those days)?

The Romans did.

Слайд 22: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 22

History 40

Which of the Roman emperors first came to the British Isles?

Julius Caesar

Слайд 23: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 23

History 50

He was an English general and politician and he lead the army against King Charles I in the Civil War. He finally became Lord Protector of England. What is his name?

Oliver Cromwell

Слайд 24: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 24

London 10

Which square is the centre and the heart of London?

Trafalgar Square

Слайд 25: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 25

London 20

This street is known as the shopping paradise, with all the best shops along it. It’s name has become the synonym for exclusive shopping in London.

Oxford Street

Слайд 26: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 26

London 30

The Tower of London is famous for its black ravens. What’s the reason for keeping them?

The legend says: “As long as ravens stay in the tower of London, the Crown will last”.

Слайд 27: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 27

London 40

The Royal Residence in London is the Buckingham Palace. You can see a monument in front of it. Who is the monument to?

It’s Queen Victoria memorial.

Слайд 28: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 28

London 50

There is a large and beautiful concert hall in London built after Queen Victoria’s husband’s death. What’s the name of this building?

Royal Albert Hall

Слайд 29: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 29


What is the Union Jack made up of and what do these mean?

Слайд 30: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 30

People What’s her name?

Elizabeth-Mary-Alexander Windsor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Слайд 31: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 31


When did Queen Elisabeth II come to the throne?

In 1952.

Слайд 32: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 32


This celebration started after the unlucky Gunpowder Plot. People still burn fires that autumn night. What do they call it?

Guy Fawkes Day

Слайд 33: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 33

Sights & Monuments

In which part of the country is this monument situated?

The Stonehenge is in Wiltshire in the South-West of England

Слайд 34: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 34


A bat-and-ball team sport that is first documented as being played in southern England in the 16th century, is still popular especially in British schools.

It’s cricket

Слайд 35: Презентация You_Bet
Слайд 35

Towns and Cities

This industrial city on the North-West coast of England has become famous all over the world for The Beatles.


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