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Biblioteca Nacional de Espana Derevtsova Evgeniia 9 A
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National library of Spain is in the mansion, in which in addition to it is the national archaeological Museum in the country, which in 2011 launched a massive renovation, and scheduled to open in 2013
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In 1876, the National library, there were 300,000 books, 200,000 brochures, more than 300,000 manuscripts.
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The Museum of the National library of Spain, the former Museum of the book, provides educational, training and cultural activities of the National library, disclosing to the public information about collections, development and history of the National library. The Museum is located on the area of more than 1400 m2. It is divided into 8 rooms, where each exposure time are clearly separated. Hall History
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Museum, the National library can meet the needs of any activity. Conferences, puppet shows, lectures and seminars, weekend film screenings and concerts. Besides here you can see the audio-visual project of the National library of Spain, dedicated to the millennial history books.

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