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Слайд 6
Pre-reading stage (matching task) Match the words with their definitions To recycle To reduce Waste To treat To refuse To reuse Scrap To mine To threw away Effort to dig into (the earth) for minerals to pass (a substance) through a system again for further treatment or use to reject garbage, rubbish, or trash to deal with or regard in a certain manner to make or become smaller in size, number, etc. a determined attempt to decline to accept to use again waste material or used articles, especially metal
Слайд 7
While-reading Stage You are going to read the text about recycling. Your task is to choose the most suitable heading from the list A-I for each part (1-7) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use.  A. Straw vs. paper B. Recycled plastic C. Reusing glass D. Recycling metal F. The process of recycling G. Recycling tin cans H. The importance of recycling I. Recycling paper
Слайд 8
Post-reading Stage Answer the following questions using the text. 1. What is the problem described here? 2. What is recycling? 3. Why do American farmers prefer using paper to straw? 4. What things can be made through the process of recycling? 5. Why is recycling so important nowadays?
Слайд 9
Match the beginning and the ending of the sentences. 1.Recycling is a very important subject… 2.More than 20 million tons of paper were recycled… 3.Plastic is the hardest material to recycle… 4.So many of the things we use are made of metal… 5.Steel is 100 per cent recyclable... 6.Glass can also be melted down ... a)and can all be reused after they stop working. b)because there are so many different kinds, all of which need to be treated differently. c)and can be recycled hundreds of times. d)and used to make new bottles. e)and one that is becoming more so all the time. f)and turned into birthday cards, cereal boxes, and hundreds of other things.
Слайд 10
Vocabulary exercises Find the odd word out.  1. dustbin – cupboard – waste-paper basket – ashtray 2. tin – can – metal – plastic 3. waste – litter – glass – rubbish 4. response – reply – answer – question 5. reduce – involve – deflate – decrease
Слайд 11
Fill in the appropriate word from the list. Use the word(s) only once.  To be good  To create  To throw  Scrap  To be made  To find out  To pave  Recycling 1. … paper 2. …metal 3. …some information 4. …energy 5. …things away 6. …for environment 7. …of glass 8. …streets
Слайд 12
Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word(s) from the list below: • Plastic • Environmentally aware • Recycling • Environment • Products • Aluminium • Decompose • Disposing of • Bottle banks It is important these days to be as 1)… as possible, which means 2)… our waste instead of 3)… it in the usual way. For example, instead of throwing 4)… cans away, they can be crushed and taken for recycling, and bottles can be taken to 5)… instead of being put in the rubbish bin. We should try to use as little 6)… as possible because it takes a long time to 7)… and to buy recycled paper to write on. Recycled 8)… products are often the same price as normal ones, but a lot kinder to the 9)… .
Слайд 14
Saying “Goodbye!”

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