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Слайды презентации

Слайд 2
The topic is The topic is “Television: “Television: for for and and against against ”. ”.
Слайд 3
television advantages disadvantages channel broadcasting variety quality advertisements documentaries comedies soap operas concerts talk shows commercials
Слайд 4
“Snowball” “Snowball” When I come home I turn on the TV and watch…
Слайд 5
1. A short informative film describing and praising some product. 2. A serial about people’s relationships especially love and friendship. 3. A TV program where people discuss a problem. 4. New information about sports presented in a short TV program. 5. A program about weather. 6. A program which gives us information about the modern trends of music and lets us listen to it. a weather forecast an advertisement a talk show sports news a music program a soap opera
Слайд 6
1. What kind of film are the teenagers watching? 2. What is the plot of the film? New words: New words:  to turn smth down – убавить звук  to blow up - взрываться  the whole supply of smth - целая поставка золота  to break up one’s plans – разрушить чьи-либо планы  former - бывший  to betray smb – предать кого-либо
Слайд 7
1) It’s fine to do maths when something is blowing up and crashing in the next room. 2) It’s a great fantasy film. 3) The movie is about a group of criminals that is going to get the whole supply of gold in the country. 4) It’s a British movie. 5) The main character is a former policeman. 6) At the end of the film the hero will be killed.
Слайд 8
Think of something nice… Think of something nice…
Слайд 9
Advantages Advantages (+) (+) Disadvantages Disadvantages (-) (-)
Слайд 10
“Television in my life” “Television in my life” Cliches: Cliches: * As for me… * As far as I know… * As far as I’m concerned… * In my opinion… * I think (suppose, believe)… * To my mind… * I personally think… * If I’m not mistaken… * On one hand… On the other hand… * I (dis)agree that… * First of all…Secondly… * Besides… * Moreover… * In conclusion I’d like to say that…
Слайд 11
Your home task: Your home task: The composition “Television in my life” The composition “Television in my life” according to the plan: according to the plan:  1. Introduction. State the problem. 2. Arguments for. 3. Arguments against. 4. Conclusion.  No less than 10 sentences.

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