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Слайд 1: Презентация Princess Anne
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Princess Anne
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Anne, Princess Royal, (Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise; born 15 August 1950), is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. At the time of her birth, she was third, and later for a few years was second in the line of succession to the thrones of seven independent states; however, after additions to the Royal Family, and an evolution of the Commonwealth, Anne is currently tenth in line to the thrones of 16 countries. She is resident in and most directly involved with the United Kingdom, the oldest realm, while also carrying out duties in and on behalf of the other states of which her mother is sovereign. The seventh holder of the title Princess Royal, Anne is known for her charitable work, being the patron of over 200 organisations, and she carries out about 700 royal engagements and public appearances per year

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On 14 November, 1973, Anne married Mark Anthony Peter Phillips, at Westminster Abbey. He was a Lieutenant and later Captain in the Dragoon Guards. Her brother, Prince Charles, was later to refer to him as "Captain Fog" because he regarded him as thick and wet. The couple settled at Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire, bought by the Queen in 1976 as a wedding present for her daughter. The marriage produced two children, Peter Phillips, born on 15 November, 1977 and Zara Phillips born on 15 May 1981. In accordance with the wishes of their parents, they received no titles, the first grandchildren of a British monarch never to do so.

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Princess Anne is also known for equestrian talents; she won two silver and one gold medal at the European Eventing Championships, and is the only member of the British Royal Family to have competed in the Olympic Games.

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