Конспект урока «A Book Review» по английскому языку для 8 класса

Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

гимназия № 19 имени Н. З. Поповичевой г. Липецк

Конспект урока по английскому языку

в 8 классе

«A Book Review»

(Рецензия на книгу)


преподаватель английского языка

Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна

Липецк 2014

Тип урока: урок открытия нового знания в рамках системно – деятельностного подхода.

Цели урока:

1. Учебные: тренировать в чтении и устной речи; научить писать рецензию на книгу.

2. Развивающая: развивать способность к функционально - адекватному

сочетанию лексических единиц и логическому изложению.

3. Познавательная: познакомить со способом написания рецензии.

4. Воспитательная: воспитывать любовь к чтению.

Ожидаемые результаты урока: расширение объема знаний по теме;

развитие самостоятельного мышления; повышение мотивации к изучению

английского языка.

Формы работы: парная, индивидуальная, фронтальная.

Формируемые УУД: коммуникативные, регулятивные, познавательные.

Оборудование: компьютер, экран, презентация, раздаточный материал.

Ход урока.

I. Организационный момент.

(1. Мотивация к учебной деятельности.)

T: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Today we shall read, speak as usual. We shall also write about a book.

T: I want you to look at the screen. Match the titles of the books and the names of the authors. (2 слайд)

II. Речевая зарядка.

T: (Ex. 108, p. 84) Here are some pictures of the school library in a London school? Look at them and make some guesses:

  1. How do British students use their school library?

  2. Do they have lessons in the library?

  3. What books do they borrow more often?

  4. Do they find the books by themselves?

  5. What kind of books do British teenagers prefer to read?


III. Актуализация навыков аудирования и устной речи.

(2. Актуализация знаний и фиксация затруднений в деятельности)

T: Now listen to what Mrs Swan, the librarian, says about the school library and British teenagers. Check if you were right. Say if it is the same in your school. What's different? (Ex. 109, р.84.)

Tape script:

I'm very happy that so many students come to my library every day. They use the library to do their homework or to do a project on history, geography or other subjects.

There are also some lessons on the timetable. At those lessons students come to the library with their English teacher. They talk about books for home reading. They find the book here and take it home to read.

If they have finished the book before the next lesson they can come, here during lunchtime or change it after school while the library is open.

A lot of kids just like to come and choose a book themselves. If children have some difficulties in finding books, teachers are here to support them.

Kids often take books just for pleasure. Mostly they are horror, fantastic books on UFOs, that is Unidentified Flying Objects.

I like them coming here. As a librarian I just try to be helpful in finding books.

T: Answer the questions:

  1. Is there a library in your school?

  2. Are you a member of it?

  3. When did you join it?

  4. How many books can you borrow at a time?

  5. How long may you keep them?

  6. Which do you like better: novels or short stories? Poems or plays?

  7. Who is your favourite English (American) writer?

  8. Have you read any of his books in the original?

  9. Is he a writer of yesterday or today?

  1. What book are you reading now?


  1. Can you write a book review right now? (No)Why? (We don’t know what to write)

IV. Актуализация навыков чтения и устной речи.

(3. Выявление места и причины затруднения.)

T: Today we’ll learn to write a book review. Write down the topic of the lesson.

(3 слайд)

T: Read the book review and put the paragraphs into the correct order. (4 слайд)

(Key: B1; C2; A3)

T: Answer the questions:

1. Which paragraph is the summary of the story? (С)

2. Which paragraph is Mr Jones’ recommendation? (A)

3. Which paragraph tells us the title, the type of the book and the author’s name? (В)

4. Would you recommend this book? Why? (Yes. It is an unusual story which is well-written.)

5. Which phrases does the writer use to recommend the book? (A brilliant story with wonderful descriptions-this is a great book. Or A very imaginative story which is an excellent adventure. This is a great choice for young readers.)

T: Use the prompts to recommend some of your favourite books. (5 слайд)


(4. Построение проекта выхода из затруднения.)

T: What do we need to write the review correctly?

(Key: We need writing tips)

T: What should we write in the first paragraph? (The title of the book, the author’s name, the type of the story and what it is about.) (6 слайд)

T: What should we write in the second paragraph? (The main characters and a short summary of the story)

T: What should we write in the last paragraph? (The recommendation)

V. Обучение написанию рецензии.

(5. Реализация построенного проекта.)

T: Look at the prompts, then in turn ask and answer questions about the story.

(7 слайд)

(Key: What is the title of the book? - Robinson Crusoe.

Who is the author? - Daniel Defoe.

What type of story is it? - It’s an adventure story about a young man on an island. What happens in the story? - Crusoe becomes a sailor.

What happens next? - His ship sinks and he swims to a desert island.

Is he by himself on the island? - No, he meets a man, Friday.

Do they stay on the island? - No, they return to Europe.)

(6. Первичное закрепление с комментированием во внешней речи.)

T: Now read the plan of the review. Write it down. (8 слайд)

T: Say what you are going to write in each paragraph.

(7.Самостоятельная работа с самопроверкой по эталону.)

T: Write a book review about Robinson Crusoe (70 - 90 words). Use the plan. Use the information about him as well as the review of the book “A Journey to the Centre of the Earth”

(Эталон) (9 слайд)

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe is a very famous story. It is an excellent adventure story about a young man’s adventures on an island.

The story begins when Robinson Crusoe leaves England to become a sailor. His ship sinks and he swims to a desert island. His life is very difficult there, but he meets a man, Friday, a dog and a parrot. After many exciting adventures, they leave the island and go back to Europe.

Robinson Crusoe is a great story. The descriptions of the adventures are wonderful. It is an excellent story for everyone.

(8. Включение в систему знаний и повторение.)

T: Read a passage from “The Headless Ghost” by Pete Johnson in Ex. 111, p. 84.

Снятие языковых трудностей

T: But before reading let’s learn some new words: (10 слайд)

T: What should we write in the first paragraph? (11 слайд)

T: What should we write in the second paragraph?

T: What should we write in the last paragraph?

(Students’ answers)

VI. Домашняя работа.

Write a review of the book. (12 слайд)

VII. Итоги. Оценки.

T: What have we done today? (Key: We’ve listened, read, asked and answered the questions, have written a book review.)

T: What have we learnt? (Key: How to write a book review).

(9. Рефлексия учебной деятельности на уроке.)

T: Continue the sentences: (13 слайд)

1.На уроке я работал…
2.Своей работой на уроке я…
3.Урок для меня показался…
4.За урок я…
5.Мое настроение…
6.Материал урока мне был…
7.Домашнее задание мне кажется…

Приложение 1

The Daily News Book of the Month!

by Samuel Jones
A _
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth is an exciting story. The descriptions of the adventures are wonderful and the story is thrilling. It's a brilliant book for all ages.
В _ A Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne is a classic science-fiction story. It is an excellent adventure story about a strange journey to the heart of our planet.
С _ The story begins when Professor Lidenbrock finds a piece of paper inside an old book. It tells him how to get to the centre of the earth. The professor and his assistant Alex, with a guide, leave Germany, and go to Iceland to find the secret entrance to the centre of the earth. Their journey is adventurous and exciting. There is a whole new world inside the earth that nobody knows about. In the end they manage to go back home.

Использованные материалы: (14 слайд)

I. Интернет реcурсы:

1. http://www.gemm.com/graphics_books_am/FW/FWUU7F54763J.jpg – изображение книгиA Journey to the Centre of the Earth”

2. http://www.bookriver.ru/img/covers/28505.jpg – изображение книги “Robinson Crusoe

3. http://images.webpark.ru/uploads54/120711/Pictures_07.jpg – изображение Робинзона Крузо

4.http://www.vintagechannel.com/images/icons_fully_converter/The%20Headless%20Ghost.jpg изображение афиши фильма по книге “The Headless Ghost

5. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51VPGSZN5KL._SY300_.jpg - изображение книгиThe Headless Ghost”

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Express Publishing, 2001.

III. Virginia Evans, Neil O’Sullivan. Click On 1. Teacher’s Book. - Newbury: Express Publishing, 2001.

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V. М. З. Биболетова, Н. Н. Трубанёва. Английский язык. Учебник для 8 класса.- Обнинск: Титул, 2010.

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