Конспект урока «Магазин» по английскому языку для 5 класса

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

Гимназия № 12 города Липецка

Конспект урока по английскому языку
в 5 классе



учитель английского языка

Скулкова Наталья Вячеславовна

г. Липецк


2. Скулкова Наталья Вячеславовна

3. Английский язык

4. 5 класс

5. Профильный уровень, И.Н.Верещагина, О.В. Афанасьева, «English»,

5 класс.

6. «Поход за покупками».

7. Цели:

образовательная: обучение чтению.

развивающая: развитие догадки и внимания.

воспитательная: воспитание уважения к сопернику, взаимовыручки и взаимоподдержки «Один за всех и все за одного».

8. Интерактивная доска, компьютер, проектор, иллюстративная наглядность по теме «Магазин», раздаточный материал (текст для каждого ученика, упражнение на карточках, кроссворд).

9.Ход урока

1. Орг.момент. Речевая подготовка.

- Good afternoon, dear friends! Glad to see you. Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson.

- Who is absent today? (Ann is. / Everybody is here).

- How are you? (I’m fine, thanks)

- Thanks.

- Now listen to me very attentively, please and say what topic will be discussed today?

(ученики слушают текст*1.)

* 1.Different products came to Europe from different countries. Tea came from China. Potatoes came from South America. Cucumbers came from India. Chocolate came from South America. Oranges came from China. Coffee came from Arabia.

(ученики слушают стихотворение*2.)

* 2. Who likes what?

Some of us like brown bread,

Some of us like white,

Some of us eat a lot of meat,

Some don’t think it’s right.

Some of us like apples,

Some drink juice at night,

Some of us eat many sweets,

Some don’t think it’s right.

- Did you guess? (Yes, I did. It’s shopping).

You are right. We’ll speak about the shopping, different departments and things we can buy in different shops.

- But our lesson is not usual today. It’s a lesson-competition. There four teams in our class. There are four captains. I ask you questions, give you different exercises. If you answer correctly and do everything well you get some points. The team which gets more points – wins.

-Let’s start our competition!

-By the way, do you remember how we can name different departments in big shops? (Yes, we do).

- Look at the blackboard. There some words denoting shops, but the letters are mixed up. Let’s check them and write them correctly.

- Each team gets a list of these words. You correct them. Who finishes the first – wins!

-Are you ready? (ученики выполняют упражнение на карточке).

-Let’s check it. It’s OK. The first team won and it gets 5 points, the second – 4 points, the third – 3 points.

-Thanks. Now we know the names of different departments in the big shops.

But how can we name this kind of shop – the shop where we can buy different kinds of goods? (It is a department store.)

2. Работа с текстом.

-You are right. It is a department store. And now let’s read the text about goods which we can buy in different departments.

-let’s read and translate it.

a). чтение текста.

(ученики читают и переводят текст).

b). проверка понимания содержания текста.

-Thanks. Now I read you a sentence and you agree or disagree with it. For the true answer every team gets 1 point.

-Are you ready? Well, let’s start then.

1. Our family has a shopping day. (+)

2. It is not Saturday. (-)

3. My grandfather and I go to the shops. (-)

4. We take our school –bags and go to school. (-)

5. We prefer to eat fish instead of meat. (-)

6. My father usually takes some tinned meat. (+)

7. My sister Ann likes eggs. (-)

8. My sister Sonya is a sweet tooth. (+)

9. Ben said that his mother had sent him to the greengrocer’s. (+)

10. My grandmother asked me to buy milk and cheese. (+)

11. The greengrocer’s was far from our house. (-)

12. Ben bought potatoes, onions and cucumbers. (+)

13. Then we went to the fishmonger’s. (-)

14. I was asked to buy milk and cottage cheese. (-)

15. My granny was glad that I bought this food. (+)

16. My granny thanked me for shopping. (+)

- Very good. Now let’s do some sport exercises (a sport minute).

- Thanks. Continue our lesson.

- Look at the blackboard. Let’s imagine that that there is a shop here, but where is the food? Let’s fill different departments with different goods.

- Now go to the blackboard and say what you can buy or what you bought yesterday.

F.ex.: I bought fruit at the greengrocer’s yesterday or I can buy fruit at the greengrocer’s.

-Take the pictures with the different products and put them into different departments.

(ученики распределяют разные продукты по соответствующим отделам).

-Very good. It’s a very nice shop with different departments, where we can buy different food for dinner, supper and breakfast.

-The next task. Imagine that we are at the butcher’s. You know a lot of meat products, don’t you? Then let’s solve a crossword. Fill in the words denoting meat products.

-Who is the champion? You get one point for each right answer.

(ученики получают карточки с кроссвордами, самостоятельно разгадывают кроссворд – каждая команда – самостоятельно).

-Are you ready?

-Now let’s solve it together. Look at the blackboard. There is a crossword. Lets solve it.

-Very good.

(ученики выходят к доске и записывают слова в кроссворде).

-Now let’s speak about yourselves. Do you like to go shopping? (Yes, we do.)

-Answer my questions, please.

1. Have you got a shopping day?

2. Who of the members of your family goes to the shops?

3. What can you buy at the butcher’s shop?

4. Do you like to eat tinned meat?

5. You often visit the baker’s shops, don’t you?

6. What do you prefer – tea or coffee?

7. Are the shops far from your house?

8. Do you like to go to the shops?

9. What can you buy at the greengrocer’s shop?

10. Whom do you like to go to the shops with?

11. Do you like to look through the shop windows?

12. How often do you go to the shops?

13. What do you buy at the dairy?

14. Do you help your mother to carry bags when you go to the shops with her?

15. Do you want to be a salesman? Why? Why not?

-Thanks a lot.

-And now let’s do the last exercise. Let’s make up your own dialogues. Ask each other some questions about your shopping days. Food you buy at different shops, etc.


-Where do you usually buy?

-Did you buy a bottle of juice yesterday?

-Does your mother often buy pork?

-Who usually goes to the baker’s in your family?

-Does your brother like sausages?

- How many loaves of bread do you buy every day?

-What can you buy at the baker’s?

-You buy sweets at the sweet shop, don’t you?

-Where can you buy fish?

3. Домашнее задание.

-At home you should make your own dialogues and learn them by heart. Give a short summary of the text “Our shopping day”. Be ready to talk about your shopping days.

4. Итоги урока.

-Our lesson is over. Thanks a lot. You worked very well. Now count your points. Who is the winner? How many points have you got? Well. The first team has 20 points. It is our winner. All pupils get excellent marks!


Приложение 1.

Our Shopping Day

Our family has a shopping day. It’s Saturday. My father gets up early on Saturday. My father and I usually go to the shops on this day.

In the morning we ask our mother what we need. We take our bags and go to the shops. First of all we go to the butcher’s shop. We prefer to eat sausage and meat instead of fish, that’s why we buy 2 kilos of meat for a week. My father usually takes some tinned meat and we often prepare supper using tinned meat. My brother Dan likes to eat eggs and we often buy ten eggs and three chickens for a week.

We usually visit the baker’s shop when we go home. My sister Sonya is a sweet tooth, she likes sweets very much, that’s why my father and I buy a lot of rolls and buns.

One day my two friends Ben and nick came to see me. Ben had a bag in his hand. He said that his mother had sent him to the greengrocer’s shop.

I decided that I should go to the shop too, as my grandmother asked me to buy milk and cheese at the dairy. It took us ten minutes to get to the greengrocer’s shop because it was not far from our house.

The shop was big. The shop windows were nice. Ben explained that his father has already bought carrots, tomatoes and he had to buy potatoes, onions and cucumbers. We looked at the counters and saw fresh vegetables. When the shop-assistant had weighed the vegetables she said how much it cost. Ben took money from the pocket, paid for the vegetables and put them into the bag.

Then we went to the diary. We could see much fresh food there, but I was asked to buy milk and cheese.

When I returned home my grandmother was glad that I had bought such tasty cheese and fresh milk and she thanked me for shopping.

New words:

Prefer - предпочитать

Instead - вместо

Tinned - консервированный

To be a sweet tooth – быть сладкоежкой

Roll - булочка

Bun - булочка с изюмом

Onion - лук

Cucumber - огурец

Counter - прилавок

Weigh – взвешивать

Приложение 2.








Приложение 3.








5. H





Приложение 4.









Список использованной литературы

  1. И.Н.Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева, Английский язык, 5 класс, М: «Просвещение», 2013.

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