- Электронные учебники. За или против

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Электронные учебники. За или против.

Ebooks: For or against?


  1. Основная цель. Формирование ключевых языковых компетенций.

  1. Задачи урока.

– промотировать навыки УУД в развитии умений решения коммуникативной задачи с различной степенью сложности.

– совершенствовать речевые умения, активизировать и совершенствовать актуальный словарный запас обучающихся.

– воспитание толерантности, уважительного отношения к чужому мнению.

– содействовать установлению в сознании ребенка устойчивых связей между накопленным и новым опытом познавательной и практической деятельности;
– формировать и развивать учебно-организационные умения и навыки (взаимоконтроль, самостоятельная работа, коллективная деятельность);
– развивать способность к рефлексии, как важнейшей составляющей умения учиться.  

Ход урока.

  1. Вводная беседа. Цель – введение в тему, приглашение к сотрудничеству, активизация мыслительной и речевой деятельности.

Teacher: Have you ever heard of electronic books? Do you or your friends have electronic books? Are you (they) satisfied with them?

  1. Работа с таблицей. Цель – активизация речевой деятельности, повторение речевых клише для выражения собственного мнения.)

Teacher: Have a look at the blackboard.

I’d like you to list some ideas for and against ebooks and later on sound and compare your ideas. For example: ebooks are cheap, paper books are easier to read. (Заполнение таблицы детьми, обсуждение мнений

Electronic books



  1. Чтение. Работа со статьей блога. Цель – понять и прокомментировать содержание статьи, сравнить со своими идеями, отработать лексику статьи.

Работу можно проводить в группах или в парах.


  1. Look at the text. Can you identify the blog entry (the first part) and the comments section (the second part)?

  2. Read the blog entry (they will read the comments section later) quickly and decide if the writer is for or against ebooks (the writer is neutral; neither for nor against). Set a two-minute time limit.

  3. Do exercise A. Do you think the writer agrees with our list of advantages and disadvantages on the board?

  4. Do exercise B individually and then compare answers in pairs.

  5. Read the comments section and do exercise C and D in pairs.

  6. Do you agree with any of the comments?

Task 1: Read

Blog on. The ‘for or against’ blog.

Electronic books or paper books?

Are electronic books better than traditional paper books? Ebooks are very popular these days but many readers prefer paper books.

Some people think that electronic books are great. You can store thousands of books on an ebook, whereas paper books take up lots of space at home. You don’t need to go to a bookshop because you can buy and receive books online instantly.

On the other hand, printed books are still very popular. Some people prefer to hold a ‘real’ book and like to touch paper pages. You can lend a favourite book to a friend but you can’t borrow your friend’s ereader for a couple of weeks. Also, electronic books are very expensive.

To sum up, I think that electronic books are a really useful invention. Many people use them but they won’t replace paper books in the future. What do you think?

Blog comments: Tell us what you think?

Ebooks are rubbish! They are really expensive and you can’t read them in the bath.

Graham, UK

I use my ereader when I go on holiday. I can take lots of books and there’s still a lot of room left in my suitcase for clothes and other stuff. Great!

Sarah, Hong Kong

Ebooks are the future. In twenty years we won’t be reading paper books.

Jaime, Canada

Paper books are destroying trees!

Scott, Germany

Ebooks are just for rich people who need to have the latest gadget to show to their friends. I’m sticking with paperbacks.

Jules, USA

I love my ebook. It’s very light, you can change the size of the words, you can make notes on the pages, you can buy a book with a couple of clicks AND you can download books for free. What’s not to like?

Tamsin, Netherlands.

I work in a bookshop. What happens to people like me if everyone stops buying books?

Jon, New Zealand

A) Read the blog entry ‘Electronic books or paper books?’. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks according to the writer?

B) Read the blog entry again and match the underlined parts of the text with these words and expressions:

1 As well as this _also________

2 but _______________

3 However _______________

4 In conclusion _______________

5 nowadays _______________

6 On the one hand _______________

C) Read the comments section. Which person…

1 …likes ebooks because they are small?__ Sarah __

2 …is worried about the environment?__________

3 …thinks ebooks are only for peole with a lot of money?__________

4 …doesn’t pay to download ebooks? __________

5 …doesn’t like ebooks because they cost a lot of money?__________

6 …thinks nobody will read traditional books in the future?__________

7 …is worried about his job?__________

D) Match the descriptions with the words in italics in ‘Blog comments’.

1 Very good _________________

2 Bad _________________

3 There is nothing negative _________________

4 I’m going to continue using _________________

Answers Task 1:

B: 1 also, 2 whereas, 3 On the other hand, 4 To sum up, 5 these days, 6 some people think that

C: 1 Sarah, 2 Scott, 3 Jules, 4 Tamsin, 5 Graham, 6 Jaime, 7 Jon

D: 1 Great, 2 rubbish, 3 What’s not to like?, 4 I’m sticking with

  1. Обсуждение прочитанного. Цель – учиться высказывать собственное мнение, отстаивать свою точку зрения, корректно не соглашаться с чужим мнением, выстраивать свою речь логически, использовать необходимые речевые клише.

  • Teacher: Now you’ll get Task 2. We are to discuss the topics in it. But first you need to prepare what you want to say. You’ll have a time limit of 5 minutes to read the discussion topics and make notes ‘for’ and ‘against’. You’ll be working in groups of four students. Each group could choose a spokesperson to report back group opinions to the class.


Task 2: Discuss

Are you for or against? Discuss these topics in groups.

1 Emails or letters?

2 Text message or phone call?

3 Plane or boat?

4 Electric toothbrush or traditional toothbrush?

5 Credit card or cash?

6 Computer game or board game?

7 Car or bike?

  1. Письмо. Цель – написание блога по образцу в Task 1 (введение, обзац «за», обзац «против», заключение).

  • Teacher: Now you’ll get Task 3. You’ll be working in pairs. Write a ‘for or against’ blog entry. Choose one of the discussion topics from Task 2 or invent a different title.

  • Use the blog entry in Task 1 as a model. Try to use the words and expressions from Task 1B.

Task 3: Write

A) Write a ‘for or against’ blog entry. Use words and expressions from Task 1B.

Blog on. The ‘for or against’ blog.


B) Change papers and comment on your classmates’ blogs. Use some of the words and expressions from Task 1D.

Blog comments: Tell us what you think?

  • To do exercise B students swap papers with a different group. They could all pass their papers to the group on the left or you could collect them in and hand them out to different groups. Students read their classmates’ blog and then add their opinion in the comments section. Walk around the class and give lots of help. Encourage students to use the informal language from Task 1D. Set a time limit of five minutes so that the groups finish at the same time.

  • Students swap papers with a different group, read and add another comment. Swap papers and repeat. Continue over the page if necessary.

  • Display the ‘blogs’ on the wall for all to read.

  1. Заключение.

Teacher: I hope now it won’t be difficult for you to write a blog in English on any topic. I wish you good luck! Thank you for your work.

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