- Должен ли политик быть добрым?

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Должен ли политик быть добрым?


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Должен ли политик быть добрым?

Цель урока: развитие иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции; совершенствование навыков монологической речи; закрепление лексики, употребление модального глагола must; воспитание нравственности (проблема нравственности в политике)

Ход урока:


T: Good morning! I am glad to see you! How are you?

P: Good morning! We are fine, and you?

T: I’m fine. Today our lesson is denoted to politicians. We are going to discuss the main characteristics and features of the politician. What kind of people they must be? Must the politician be kind or not?

II. Учащиеся по очереди называют различные черты характера а другие отгадывают.

P1. How will you name the ability to see or describe a future event in advance as a result of knowledge (predictability).

P2: Please, name the feeling that attracts you and helps you do things successfully (self-confidence).

P3: Name the ability to live through difficult conditions. (Toughness)

P4: What is another name of great care? (Cautiousness)

P5: Please, name the ability to move quickly from place to place. (Mobility)

P6: Please, name the ability to use one’s power of action and judgment without depending on others (self-reliance).

P7: Please, name the ability to wait something for a ling time (patience).

P8: Name the willingness to do what someone tells you to do even it is unpleasant (submission)

T: Good for you! Now you’ve got lists of other traits of character. Please look through the list and choose one to describe a politician.

III. На доске учащиеся закрепляют таблички с описанием черт характера политика и объясняют свой выбор.

A politician must be…

P1: I think the politician must be eloquent because he must be a good speaker.

P2: To my mind a politician must be courageous because there are many difficulties in politics.

P3: The politician must be a patriot as he must love his country.

P4: In my opinion a politician must be kind and love people.

P5: As far as I’m able to judge a politician must be self-reliant because he must act without depending on others.

После каждого высказывания учащегося учитель спрашивает слушателей об их точке зрения. Согласны ли они с утверждениями или нет?

T: Do you agree with him/her? How doe you think? If he/she right/ wrong?

Possible answers:

  • I quite agree/disagree.

  • That’s just I think.

  • I can’t agree. I’m afraid.

  • That’s not the way I see.

  • In fact I think he/she is right/ wrong.


T: Now we’ve got the portraits of ideal politicians. Now let’s discuss real politicians.

На доске вывешиваются фотографии известных политиков:

  1. V.V. Putin.

T: Do you recognize him? What is he? How can you characterize him?

P: His name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He is the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. He is self-reliant, courageous, honest, disciplined, and patriotic.

  1. D.A. Medvediev.

His name is Dmitry Anatolievich. His surname is Medvediev. He is the President of the Russian Federation. He is patriotic, bright and kind.

T: Good job! Do you know what political party Putin and Medvediev belong to?

P: “The Unified Russia”.

T: that’s right. What’s the symbol of this political party?

P: A bear

V. Учащиеся повторяют лексику урока в ритме репа:

T: You are right. Now I’ve got a question (3 раза). Must a politician be kind?

P: Yes, he must (хором).

T: Must a politician be cruel?

P: No, he mustn’t.

T: Must a politician be bright?

P: Yes, he must.

T: Must a politician be bossy?

P: No, he mustn’t.

T: Must a politician be honest?

P: Yes, he must.

T: Now let’s say it together (повторение хором слов с доски в стиле репа: politician, party, parliament, democracy, constitution, minister, opposition, cabinet, government).

VI. Учащиеся представляют своих кандидатов в депутаты.

Первая группа:

- He is nice.

- He is tall.

- He is wise.

- He is the best of all.

Our candidate is Volodya (представляют красочный плакат)

Вторая группа:

  • She is the most beautiful girl.

  • She knows English best of all.

  • Do you know her? Let’s spell her name: MASHA

Vote for Masha (раздают листовки)

T: Let’s greet our candidates! Every candidate must deliver speeches. Volodya, please, we are listening to you.

Volodya: I’m a businessman. To my mind there are two the most acute problems I our country – corruption of power and worsening interethnic relations, that’s why we must build a civil society by supporting independent social organizations and local government as basic structure of a civil society. I’m going to hold public actions on some facts of corruption. Another problem is environmental pollution and I hope to solve this problem by organizing joint ecological actions. Elect me and you won’t be disappointed!

T: Do you have any questions to our candidate?

P: What are you going to do with corruption?

Volodya: I’ll condemn in public any examples of corruption.

P: What is about the terroristic attacks?

Volodya: I think we must increase security against terroristic attacks.

T: Let’s listen to Masha.

Masha: I’m an English teacher. As a teacher I’m not indifferent to the problems of school and youth. Because it is often impossible for young people to find job. So, it is necessary to create job centers and encourage the business initiative of the youth, setting up small business companies at schools. It is not easy to find a good job without good education as the better a person educated, the greater his chance for success and high living standard is. It is necessary to preserve higher education free, and make it possible to get the higher education on a commercial basis as well. Another problem is that a teacher’s job isn’t well paid one in our country. That’s why I’m going to increase teacher’s earnings.

P: What can you say about national welfare?

Masha: I’ll struggle for the old and sick people in our society.

P: Won’t you change your policy then?

Masha: Of course, not.

T: I hope you are ready to vote and explain your choice.

P: I’ll vote for Masha because she is responsible and demanding.

P: I’ll give my voice to Volodya as he is self-reliant.

Все учащиеся голосуют.

T: I congratulate Masha as a new deputy for the DUMA. Thank you for the lesson.

Список использованной литературы

1. Кузовлев В.П., Лапа Н.М., Перегудова Э.Ш., Костина И.П., Дуванонова О.В., Кузнецова Е.В., Балабардина Ю.Н. English. 10-11 класс, Москва «Просвещение» 2008

Использованные материалы

  1. Фотографии политиков (В.В. Путин, Д.А. Медведев)( используются в разделе IV урока)

  2. Карточки с надписями различных черт характера. (используются во II разделе урока)

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