Конспект урока «Professional stresses. Noun» по английскому языку

The theme: Professional stresses . Noun

1. Aims:

a) Educational : the development of skills oral speech, reading and translation

b) Developing: to do exercises, talking about your stresses, adverse situations in manufacture. Noun.

c) Aducative: to wake interesting to our new theme.

2 .Typ of lessons: communicftion, practice.making dialogue.

The materials: the book byAgabekjan I.P.cards, table.

Course of lessons:

2. Orgmoment:greeting with student

3. Checking the home task.

4. The mean Questions:

  • How many information have you?.

  • Grammar questions NOUN

  • Reading and translation the text, doing exercises

  1. Presentation of new theme:

  • Learn the pronuncition and meaning of the words:

familiar знакомый

to witness свидетельствовать

to threaten угрожать

prolonged затянувшийся

po manage справляться с чем-либо

cognitive познавательный, умственный

fatigue усталость

uncertainty неуверенность

confusion смятение, замешательство

grief печаль

fear страх

guit вина

anxiety беспокойство, тревога

withdrawal уход, удаление

consumption потребление

mitigation смягчение, уменьшение

to identify определять

  • Translate the original and derivative words, using the a dictionary and create some new words by adding suffixes:

  • Read the text concerning incidents and injuries at work “Professional Stresses”

Exercise 1. translate the following word combinations.

Professional stresses, occupational accident, national laws, potential cause, critical incident stress, physical state, emotional response.

Exercise 2. Complete the sentences: (12 sentences)

Exercise 3. Find English equivalents to a Russian word:

1) напряжение, стресс а) strain c) stress

b) exertion d) effort

2) проблема a) issue c) challenge

b) problem d) question

3) быть знокомым a) to know c) to imagine

b) to be acquianted with d) to be familiar with etc (7 questions page 35)

  • Speaking: Give the summary of the text using key vocabulary and tell about:

  • what is occupational accident;

  • when is occupational disease contracted;

  • incident stresses;

  • management response to incidents;

  • the signs and symptoms of the stresses;

6. Grammar time: Noun (Uncountable nouns and countable nouns)

Uncountable nouns: nouns can be countable or uncountable. For uncountable nouns are:

Gold, musik, blood, excitement, water, rain, air, rice, salt, oil, plastic, money, music tennis

You can not say one/two/three... these thing

Uncountable nouns have only one form:

Money the money, some money, much money

  • I’ve got same money

  • There isn’t much money in the box

  • Money isn’t everything

But you can say a piece f .../ a bottle of.../ etc.

Countabels nouns: car, hat, flower, man, house, party, idea.

You can use one/ two/ three .

Countable nouns can be singular

Exercise 1. U61.p123 what are these things? Some are countable and some uncountable. Write a/an/ if necessary. The name of the things are:

Exercise 2. U61.p123 Some of these sentences need a/an. Some of the sentences are right. Put in a/an where necessary.

Exercise 3. U61.p123 What are these things? Look at the pictures and write a ... of ... for each picture. Use the words in the box.

7. Consolidation of the new theme:

Be careful with these words – they are usually uncountable in English:

Bread, weather, information, advice, hair, furniture, paper news,

  • I’m going to buy some bread.

  • It’s nice weather today.

  • I need some information about hotels in London.

  • They have some very nice furniture

  1. Summerizing the lessons: thank you very much!!!

  1. The home task: translate the text, write 10 sentences using countable and uncountable nouns.

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