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Слайд 2: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 2

Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31.

Слайд 3: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 3

In the United States children wear costumes and masks and go trick-or-treating.

Слайд 4: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 4

Many of them carve jack-o'-lanterns out of pumpkins.

Слайд 5: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 5

Fortunetelling and storytelling about ghosts and witches are popular activities.

Слайд 6: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 6

The main Halloween activity for Children is trick-or-treating. Children dress in costumes and masks and go from door to door saying "trick or treat". The neighbours give children such treats as candy, fruit and pennies So that children do not play tricks on them.

Слайд 8: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 8

Most jack-o'-lanterns contain a candle inside. An Irish legend says that jack-o'-lanterns are named after the man called Jack.

Слайд 9: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 9

He could not enter heaven because he was a miser,

Слайд 10: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 10

and he could not enter hell because he had played jokes on devil.

Слайд 11: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 11

As a result, Jack has to walk on the earth with his lantern until Judgment Day.

Слайд 12: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 12

Fortunetelling is an important part of Halloween.

Слайд 13: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 13
For example, a coin, a ring, and a thimble
Слайд 14: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 14
were baked into a cake.
Слайд 15: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 15

It was believed that the person who found the coin

would become wealthy.
Слайд 16: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 16
The one who found the ring would marry soon.
Слайд 17: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 17

And the person who found the thimble

would never get married.
Слайд 18: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 18

People once believed that there were many ghosts

and witches on the Earth
Слайд 19: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 19
and that they met on October31 to worship the devil.
Слайд 20: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 20

Today, people do not believe in ghosts and witches but they like to tell stories About them on Halloween.

Слайд 22: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 22
Answer the questions:

When is Halloween celebrated? What do the children do on Halloween? What are the popular activities on Halloween? 4. Do people believe in ghosts and witches today?

Слайд 23: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 23

Презентация “HALLOWEEN” к уроку английского языка в 4-5 классе

Автор: Владимирова Елена Васильевна учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ № 11 им. Скрипки О.В. г. Волжского Волгоградской области

Слайд 24: Презентация Хэллоуин
Слайд 24

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