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The Top 10 Most Egregious Product Placements in Film

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The Top 10 Most Egregious Product Placements in Film
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Iron Man 2' is expected to be this summer's biggest blockbuster. While Paramount and Marvel Entertainment hope it will bring audiences into movie theaters, the film's marketing partners are hoping it will single-handedly boost America out of the recession. The Robert Downey Jr. action-adventure is part of a $100 million marketing bonanza, according to Ad Age,  as brands like Burger King, Dr. Pepper, Audi, 7-Eleven and Royal Purple Motor Oil have signed on to promote the movie and shill their products through a variety of tie-ins and cross- promotions.
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Audi and 'Transporter 2' Sometimes it seems action movies were created simply as extra-long commercials for fast cars. The second installment in Jason Statham's 'Transporter' series certainly felt that way, as private chauffeur/ex-special forces agent Frank Martin transports dubious packages and people in his Audi A8 W12.
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FedEx and 'Cast Away' We've never been able to decide if this product placement was good or bad for the FedEx image. The FedEx plane did crash (not a good thing), but in the end Tom Hanks delivers the package (good thing)
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American Airlines and 'Up in the Air' Jason Reitman's much-lauded dramedy may never have been made had it not been for product placement and the various trades Reitman made with American Airlines to obtain filming locations in return for product infiltration.
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Omega, Samsonite, British Airways, Finalandia, Norelco, Revlon and Kodak and 'Die Another Day' The Bond franchise has always been known for its powerful product placements. It's Bond's little secret that his entire life is sponsored by various consumer goods. MGM enlisted more than 20 marketing partners, who contributed more than $100 million in promotional support for this movie.

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