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Home, sweet home (Дом, милый дом!)

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Слайд 1
Home, sweet home!!! Урок Английского языка Класс: 8 УМК: “New Millennium English” Позднякова Юлия Михайловна МОУ «СОШ №39 им.Г.А. Чернова г.Воркуты»
Слайд 2
1. My home is my castle.  2. There is no place like home.  3. East or West – home is best.  4. Charity begins at home.  5. Every bird likes its own nest. А. Милосердие начинается дома. B. В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше. C. Каждая птица любит своё гнездо. D. Мой дом – моя крепость. E. Нет места лучше, чем дом. Read and find the equivalent
Слайд 3
A cottage [‘k כ tıd з ] A palace [‘p ælıs]  A country house [‘k Λ ntrı ֽ haus] A block of flats [‘bl כ k כ v ֽ flæts] A tent [tent] A skyscraper [‘ska ı ֽ skre ıp ә ] A houseboat [‘hausb ә ut] An igloo [‘iglu:] A wigwam [‘w ıgwæm] A caravan [‘k ær ә v æn] Read and learn the new words
Слайд 4
What is it? A palace A cottage A tent An igloo A skyscraper
Слайд 5
Complete the sentences 1) Native Americans used to live in a … . 2) A king or queen lives in a … . 3) The Empire state Building is so tall that it’s called a … .  4) A place that has many doctors and nurses is called a ... . hospital wigwam palace igloo skyscraper
Слайд 6
tent houseboat palace station igloo 5) Eskimos traditionally live in a house made of ice called an … . 6) A boat that can be lived in is called … . 7) The building next to the railway line where people buy tickets is called a … . 8) A lightweight shelter used for camping is called a … .
Слайд 7
I’d like … I’d love… + to V I’d prefer …   I’d like to read this book.  He’d prefer to play football.  She’d prefer to swim. I like … I love… + V ing I prefer …   I like reading books.   He prefers playing football.  She loves swimming.
Слайд 8
Read what John thinks and write what he and his family wish.  We live in a huge block of flats in the city centre.  I wish we didn’t live in a block of flats in the city centre.
Слайд 9
Change the sentences 1. I live a long way from my school. 2. I have to go to school by bus. 3. I have to share a room with my sister. 4. I can never talk with my friends over the telephone. 5. Our flat is rather small.
Слайд 10
1. I wish I lived not far from school./ I wish I didn’t live far from school.  2. I wish I didn’t have to go by bus to get to school.  3. I wish I didn’t have to share a room with my sister.  4. I wish I could talk with my friends over the telephone.  5. I wish our flat was bigger / wasn’t to small .
Слайд 11
Writing Write a letter to your British pen friend describing the place where you live.  Don’t forget to mention: -what the place is - where it is located - its specific features - what is good/ bad about this place and what do you feel about it / your attitudes - your wishes
Слайд 12
Thank you for the lesson

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