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Слайд 1: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 1

The influence of geography of KhMAO on people and their lifestyles By Chervyakova Victoriya Chirkova Anna Petrovskiy Maxim 10G 2011

Слайд 2: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 2

The natural environment is very important in the lives of people. In fact, it is part of their daily lives. So, it’s not difficult to imagine how different daily life might be in different climates.

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Слайд 3

The area of ​​the district : 34.8 thousand square km

Population:  1,5 million people
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Слайд 4

Population of KhMAO KhMAO is the tenth largest district of Russia. Due to the fact that the territory of KhMAO is remote and the climate is severe, the population is quite small for such a huge district.

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Слайд 5
National symbols
Слайд 6: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 6
The coat- of- arms of KhMAO Flag of KhMAO
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Слайд 7

The flag of KhMAO is blue, green and white. The green colour symbolizes the endless of the taiga forests of the region. The blue colour symbolizes the rivers and lakes of the region. In KhMAO there are about 30 000 rivers and 290 000 lakes. The white colour reminds of a long Siberian winter, because the winter lasts about 7 months a year. The Siberian crown is in the style of national ornament of Khanty-Mansi population.

Слайд 8: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 8

The territory of the region is influenced by the ocean and the continent that’s why the climate is very changeable. The average January temperature is -18 to -24 degrees Celsius, the average July temperature is 15.7 to 18.4 degrees Celsius.

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Слайд 9

The climate of region is quite severe and changeable. That’s why people don’t leave homes whithout some warm item of clothes, even in summer. In winter people wear warm fur coats and high boots.

The influence of climate on the life of people

Слайд 10: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 10

The main cities of the district are; Kogalym, Langepas,  Megion,  Nefteyugansk,  Nizhnevartovsk,  Nyagan, Pokachi, Pyt-Yah, Raduzhniy, Surgut,  Uray, KhantyMansiysk, Yugorsk.

Слайд 11: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 11

Due to the fact that the development of the region began in 1964, the cities are young and modern.

Слайд 12: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 12

The Ninth Wonder of the world- Dragon Bridge

Слайд 13: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 13

Khanty and Mansi peoples have been living on this territory more than five thousand years ago. They have distinctive* and unique culture. 

Слайд 14: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 14

. Their customs and traditions are not only to keep the legends, tales, songs, stories generic, to inherent fundamental philosophy of perception of the world, man and nature, but also to live in harmony with the touching, fragile, although, at first glance, harsh nature of the North.

Слайд 15: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 15

Thanks to the fact that the region is rich in oil, Yugra is one of the richest regions in Russia. The largest  oil and gas fields are: Samotlor, Fyodorovskoye,  Mamontovskoye, Ob.

Слайд 16: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 16

Black gold  of Ugra Most people in the region work for oil-extracting companies

Слайд 17: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 17

KhMAO-largest oil-producing region of Russia

In 1964 oil was found in the district, that’s why the development of the region began.

Слайд 18: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 18

Agriculture  The natural conditions are not suitable for the   development of agricultur in the district, that’s why most agricultural and food products  are imported from other regions of Russia

Слайд 20: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 20
The natural wealth of Siberia
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Foliage tree
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Слайд 32: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 32

Rivers and lakes are rich in valuable fish: Siberian sturgeon, sturgeon, salmon, peled, pike, perch, carp, burbot, sterlet

Слайд 35: Презентация ХМАО
Слайд 35
The End
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