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M.Z. Islamova Secondary school №2

Quick Witted

"My Small Motherland - Cheremshan"

Good morning dear friends! Welcome to our intellectual club where we'll play the game "Quick Witted".

This play is for all of you, there is no spectators, you all are participant. Listen to the rules.

To get order of you should answer the questions. Getting order you'll become theorist but only the best will become practician. Each the best theorist will go on his own way of practician if he solves the tasks on his way he will be finalist.

The play consists of three games The technique group serves our play and jury grade our play.

Ход игры.

The History of village Cheremshan.


Questions to all participants of the game.

  1. What is our village's name? (Cheremshan)

  2. What name did it have till the 30-s of the 20— century? (village Cheremshan Fortress) ,

  3. When was Cheremshan Fortress founded? (1732)

  4. Who governed Russia that time? (Empress Anna loannovna)

  5. Why was the second fortified defence line beyond Kama founded ( To keep under control and to protect the southeastern boundaries of the country)

  6. What determined the name of the village? (The name of the riverO

  7. What does the word "Cheremshan" mean? (The river of Cheremisses , the Cheremisses river)

  8. When did "Cheremshan" appear as the river's name (In the VII- VIII centuries)

  9. When is the official date of founding the village Cheremshan Fortress and why? (In 1741, when the first church was built)

10. What was founded in 1879, the building of which has managed to survive till nowadays? (The Michael Archangel Church)

11. Where was the first church in the village located? (On the place where the monument to Soviet Soldiers is)

12. What is there in the building of the Michael Archangel Church nowadays? (The Youth Leisure Centre and the Memorial Centre)

13. Who designed the church? (Architect Inozemtsev)

  1. Whose means was the church built on? (On means of the merchant Mikhael Nikolayevich Churkaev)

  2. How long did the village's name Cheremshan Fortress last? Then it became only Cheremshan? (Till the 30-s of the 20th century)

Итак, из пяти теоретиков три лучших вступят на дорогу "практики". Узнаем их имена. Называются имена победителей. So from 5 theorists three bests will go on the way of pratician. Now we'll know their names.

The first round. Вопросы перед раундом.

    1. What was it in the 19—century? (Показываю картину) (The Chukhaev's house)

    2. What is there in the Chukhaev's House now? (The insurance office and the shop "Chulpan") ,

    3. What was there a bit earlier? (The State Bank)

    4. What is the old name of Soviet Street? (Torgovaya Street)

    5. Why was it called Soviet Street? (Because in 1919 the first Village Soviet opposite the school №1 was situated)

    6. What was the name of the stream Svyatoi? (Nagorny)

Три теоретика вступают на путь практики. Здесь три дорожки: красная- самая короткая, но на ней нельзя ошибаться, желтая длиннее- на ней можно ошибаться один раз, зеленая самая длинная- на ней можно ошибаться два раза. По какой дорожке пойдет каждый из вас, зависит от того, насколько правильно вы выполните задание. Кто выполняет задание, имеет право выбора дорожки. Итак, выбор дорожки зависит от того, насколько точно вы ответите на вопрос. Лучший, по решению жюри, теоретик выбирает дорожку практики. Оставшиеся теоретики выполняют следующие задания. Идет выбор дорожки. Теоретики вступают на свои дорожки

The second round. Вопросы перед раундом.

  1. How do we call the central square? (Before the shop "Olga") (Yubileinaya Square)

  2. Why was it called so? (In honour of the 75th anniversary of Cheremshan district)What fountain is there in Yubileinaya Square? (Victory fountain)

  3. Why was it called Victory fountain? (In honour of the 60th anniversary of the end of Great Patriotic War)

  4. How do we call the park situated between the chemist's and the Palace of Culture? (Victory Park)

  5. Why was it called so? (It was founded in 1985 in honour of the 40—anniversary of Victory over fascit German)

Первая (красная) дорожка.

    1. Who was the organizer of the first Soviet of peasant deputies in Cheremshan? (MM. Titov)

    2. When was the monument to Titov set? (In 1982)

Вторая (желтая) дорожка.

      1. How many schools are there in Cheremshan? Name them., (5; 3 secondary schools, vocational technical school, music and art school)

      2. When did the history of schools begin in Cheremshan? (1862)

      3. How many kinder gardens are there in Cheremshan? Name them. (4; Romashka, Rodnichok and Iskorka. And the fifth one is being built now next to school №2)

Третья (зеленая) дорожка.

        1. When was school №2 opened? (1997)

        2. How many children study here? (194)

        3. How many teachers are here? (21)

        4. How many school were in Cheremshan in 1910? (4: 2 State schools, 1 Church parish school, 1 Vocational School)

Third round Вопросы перед раундом.

Three theorists go on the way of practician. There are three paths: the red- the shortest, there you can't make a mistake; the yellow- longer- you can make a mistake only once; the green- the longest, you can make a mistake twice. If you answer the question correctly you will be allowed to choose the path.

1.) What are the Frolov's books?

1. We are from Cheremshan.

2. Village Cheremshan Fortress (XVIII-XIX centuries).

3. Tragedy of people.

4. All of them want to live.

5. Cheremshan district: years and people.

6. Russia toleration: myths and reality.

Первая(красная) дорожка.

1. What nationalities live in Cheremshan? Name them. (Tatar, Russian, Chuvashian, Mordvinian and others)

2. What is this? (Показываю фотографии Дома Культуры). What can you tell about it? (The Palace of Culture was opened in 2004. Its capacity is 300 people. It has gymnasium (sport ground))

Вторая (желтая) дорожка.

1. Where is Cheremshan located? In what part of Tatarstan Republic? (In the South)

2. Where does the Cheremshan river start and flow? (It starts at village Klyavlino and flows into Volga at Dmitrovgrad)

3. What monument can you see on the embankment of Cheremshan river? (Monument to Mikhael Mikhaelovich Titov)

Третья (зеленая) дорожка.

1. How many people live in Cheremshan? (About 6 thousand)

2. How many nationalities live in Cheremshan? (27)

3. When was the Memorial Centre opened. (On the 9th of May, 1980)

4. Who was the organizer and director of the Memorial Centre? (N.S. Frolov)

  1. When was the Music and Art School for children opened? (In 2005)

  2. When was the present building of the Secondary School №1 built? (1957)

  3. When was the school №3 built? (2002)

  4. How do you think the library was in Cheremshan before the Revolution? (Yes, it was)

  5. Where was the first library located? (In the Churkaev's House, where the insurance office is located)

Первая (красная) дорожка.

    1. Who was the first librarian in Cheremshan? (Grigory Isanin)

    2. When was the local children library opened? (In 1960)

Вторая (желтая) дорожка.

      1. When was the Pervomaisky District formed? (On the 30 th of August, 1930)

      2. When was it renamed into Cheremshan District? (In January, 1965)

    1. When did the first hospital appear in Cheremshan? (1900)

Третья (зеленая) дорожка.

        1. What is Porfiriy Vasilievich Aphanas'ev? (He is a modern writer and poet)

        2. What is Nikolay Sergeevich Frolov? (He is organizer and director of Cheremshan Memorial Centre)

        3. How many books has N.S. Frolov written? (6 books)

        4. Name the famous film director, our countryman? (Dmitry Mikhleev)


Первая (красная) дорожка.

          1. Name the artists of our region? (Akhsan Fathutdinov and Kanafi Nafikov)

          2. Name the actor of the Tinchurin's Drama and Comedy theatre? (Nail Shaikhutdinov)

Вторая (желтая) дорожка.

            1. Honoured Artist (performer) of Tatarstan, singer? (Iskander Biktagirov)

            2. How many heroes of Soviet Union from Cheremshan district do you know? (5)

            3. Name the Heroes of Soviet Union? (Gabdrakhmanov, Larionov, Kurasanov, Konev, Tsaplin)

Третья (зеленая) дорожка.

1.How many Heroes of Russia do you know? Name, please! (Alexander Anatol'evich Suponinsky)

2.How many Heroes of Socialist Labour do you know? (4)

3.Name the Heroes of Socialist Labour? (Akhmadullin Ismagil Ibragimovich, Mingazova Gulsum Miftakhovna, Gimatdinov Gabbas Kiyamovich, Romanov Mikhael Fedorovich)

            1. What is the name of the Stream in the east part of Cheremshan near the "Butter and Cheese making Factory"? (Svyatoi-Saint)

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