Конспект урока «Животные» по английскому языку

План-конспект урока

1. Орг.момент. Речевая зарядка.

-Good morning! Nice to see you! Sit down, please! How are you?

Let’s start our lesson with some traditional questions.

What season is it now and what are its months?

How’s the weather?

What day and date is it today?

Any absentees?

2. Определение темы и цели урока.

Children, I’ve got some news. My friend has given me a nice little kitten recently.

And I’m so happy.

Do you want to get to know more information about my pet?

So ask me questions.

And do you love animals? What animals do you like most of all?

Have you got any pets?

OK, as I can see all of you are animal-lovers and so am I.

Well, can you guess the topic of our lesson?

Yes, you are right. It is “Animals. Animals in our Life”. And the goal of our lesson is to review and consolidate our knowledge on this topic. Besides, we’ll work through grammar theme Present Perfect.

3. Фонетическая зарядка.

Now let’s train our tongues. Look at the tongue-twisters and listen to my reading first.

The sound [ ]: A fat cat sat on a mat and ate and fat rat.

The sound [ ]: A big black bear bit a big black bug.

A big black bug bit a big black bear.

How fast can you say them?

Who’d like to read them?

What are the tongue-twisters about?

Do you know any poems about animals?

Who wishes to recite a poem?

Thank you. You know a lot of poems about pets as I can see.

4. Контроль выполнения дом задания. ( ex.12, p.119 –SB ).

Now it’s time to check your homework.

What have you done for your homework?

What is the grammar theme of the exercise?

How do we form Present Perfect?

5. Отработка Present Perfect.

Let’s train Present Perfect in another task.

Look at the poem Funny Things and put the verbs in Present Perfect. Clear?

The cat ( to sleep ) in a hat.

The parrot ( to eat ) a carrot.

The frog ( to find ) a log.

The dog ( to bring ) a sock.

So, let’s read it and translate.

When do we use Present Perfect? ( when we speak about the result).

6. Просмотр мультфильма и выполнение задания.

Children, do you like cartoons?

So I offer you to watch a very interesting and exciting cartoon about a clever dog.

Then get ready to do some task.

So, we have watched the cartoon. Now look at the sentences and say if the information in them is true or false.

True or false?

1. The cartoon is about a dog called Rex.

2. One day Katie, her Mum and her friend went to the Zoo.

3. There was a sign, “No pigs”.

4. The girls ate ice-cream there.

5. Katie went the highest.

6. Jaia went the highest.

7. The girls had a good time in the park.

8. Jessie had a good time too.

9. Jessie couldn’t sleep that night.

10. And he went to the park.

11. There were a lot of horses there.

12. Jessie had a lot of fun in the park that night.

13. Jessie went the highest.

14. The cartoon is very interesting.

Do you like the cartoon? So do I !

7. Динамическая пауза с песней “Jingle Bells!”

Are you tired? Let’s do some relaxation with a song “Jingle Bells!”

Will you stand up?

Are you all right now? Sit down, please!

8. Просмотр фильма и выполнение задания.

Do British people like animals? What do you think? Perhaps they do.

To know more information let’s watch a film.

Do you like the film? Now do the task “Finish the sentences” according to the information you’ve watched.

Finish the sentences

1. The most popular animals in Britain are … (cats, dogs, fish )

2. There are a lot of wild animals there, such as … ( foxes, field mice, red deer, red squirrels, wolves, hedgehogs)

3. The most common farm animals are … ( cows, pigs, sheep; ducks, chickens, turkeys )

4. ( A red and grey squirrel, the golden eagle) … need protection.

5. (Horses ) … are important in Britain. People use them for sports and fun.

6. There are 2 societies for protecting … (animals and birds ) in Britain.

As we can see the British like animals.

9. Групповая работа. Выполнение творческого задания “Make up a story about Zoo animals”.

Have ever been to the Zoo?

What animals did you see there?

Do we need Zoos? Why?

Now let’s do a creative task. For it divide into 4 groups and make up a story about Zoo animals.

The 1-st group will make up a story about a panda.

The 2-nd group – about an elephant.

The 3-rd one – about a giraffe.

You have 3-5 minutes to do it.

Done? Finished? Ready?

Will you read the texts?

10. Подведение итогов урока. Рефлексия. Выставление оценок.

Our lesson is near to end. You have worked very well and that’s why you have got good and excellent marks! Children I wonder what information you have learned at the lesson. Look at the slide and tell about it.

I see you like our lesson and I’m very glad of it.

So at the lesson we have done a lot of different tasks. And we can make a conclusion: animals play a great role in our life: they’re our friends and make our life more colourful and enjoyable.

11. Объяснение и дача дом задания.

On your desks there are sheets of paper with the task. It’s your homework. At home you have to write a story about your pet and tell it at the next lesson. Clear?


Аnimals in our Life

There are a lot of animals in the world. They can be wild, for example …

They can be domestic, such as …

There are exotic animals: and endangered ones that need protection, for example ….

As for me I like animals and I have a pet. It is a … . Its name is … It is … in colour. It can … and … . My pet likes … and … . I like to take care of it. Spending time with my pet makes my life more colourful and enjoyable, helps me forget about troubles. … is my true friend.

12. Исполнение песенки.

Now let’s sing a song about old McDonald.

13. Организационное окончание урока.

Thank you for your work, children.

The lesson is over. Good bye! See you at the next lesson.

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