Классный час «Revision of Past simple» по английскому языку для 1-11 класса

The theme of the lesson: Revision of Past simple

The aims of the lesson:

  1. To review and consolidate past simple, question forms and short answers, extending their use to a variety of different regular and irregular verbs and to improve grammar skill in Past Simple.

  2. to develop pupils language , memory, attention;

  3. to bring up the culture of communication in the different types of group, to develop pupils interest to study of English.

The type of the lesson: revision lesson

The method of the lesson: active form of teaching

Visual aids: everyday expressions, cards with different tasks, posters, interactive board etc.

The procedure of the lesson:

Organization moment:

Good afternoon, pupils!

Good afternoon, teacher.

How are you?

We are fine.

Thank you, sit down, please.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today/

What day is it today?

What is your homework?

Let’s start our lesson. I will check your homework from the copybook because at the end of the lesson I will take your copybooks. Do you understand me?

At last lesson we learnt the grammar rule of Past simple. Today we will repeat it. The theme of the lesson : “Revision of Past simple ”. Now, open your copybooks and write down the date and theme of the lesson.

First of all, answer my questions about Past Simple.

  1. Өткен шақтың қолданылуы

  2. Өткен шақтың жасалу жолы

  3. Болымсыз сөйлемнің жасалу жолы

  4. Сұраулы сөйлемнің жасалу жолы

  5. Бұрыс етістіктің дұрыс етістіктен айырмашылығы

  6. Өткен шақта қолданылатын ююююю

Today we have unusual lesson. Today we are going to visit the kingdom of Past Simple. It is very interesting country, Who lives in this town? Look. These are funny gnomes. What are their names? Their names are Ted, Jack, Tim and Ben. They are kind, nice and friendly. They will show us the town. We shall repeat some grammar rules, do exercises, sing songs and play games at the lesson.

Our motto is:

We are the best of friends

We meet each other every day

Always together, hand in hand

We try to help each other in every day.

Let’s fly to the kingdom of Past Simple. For this purpose, you must stand up and do this exercise.

Let’s read all together and do it.

Up, down, up, down,

(қолымыз жоғары, төмен)

Which is the way

(қол жанға)

To London town?

Where? Where?

(екі жаққа бұрылу)

Up in the air,

Close your eyes -

And you are there!

(көзді ашу)

You are in the kingdom of Past Simple. There are you see many houses and streets. The names of streets are : yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week, last month, last year , …ago, once.

We must walk there. Now, we don’t know how we must go. Open your copybook and write it. You must translate it.

Gnomes are citizens of the kingdom. They are relatives. You see their names. It is irregular verbs. You know it. Come here 3 pupils from every group. I will give you papers. When I say “one, two, three, start! ” You must stand in order of irregular verbs. Do you understand me? Let’s start!

begin – began – begun

buy – bought – bought

build – built- built

come – came - come

do – did – done

eat – ate – eaten

give – gave – given

go – went – gone

have – had – had

know – knew – known

meet – met – met

see – saw – seen

speak – spoke – spoken

take - took – taken

tell – told – told

write – wrote – writte

Let’s read this _______ by putting 2nd forms of verbs. Read all together.

Let’s go ahead.



To learn them not fun!


I must go on.


The end is not seen.


Please, help me, mum!


Oh, help me, dad!


I shall be sunk

In so many a word.



Must they be known?


Why must they be taught?


Why must they be learnt?

We are together with gnomes. But we don’t know about them. I will give you cards. Your task is find verbs in Past Simple. These sentences are about gnomes, its history.

What we know by these cards about gnomes?

The gnome Tim likes to boast. Let’s disagree with him. You must do the sentences in negative form. Look. For example: Tim says: I watched TV at night. You say: You didn’t watch TV at night. Let’s read them. Stand up one by one.

  • I washed my hands and face.

  • I played chess with a champion.

  • I helped my friends to do the homework.

  • I cleaned my teeth three times.

  • I read many interesting books.

Gnomes like to play with a ball. Now, let’s play game as gnomes.

Come here 2 pupils from every group. One of you ask the questions by throwing a ball. Next pupil answer in short. Yes, I did\ No, I didn’t.

1. Did you watch TV?

2. Did you listen to music?

3. Did you ride a bicycle?

4. Did you do English?

5. Did you play football?

Now, we introduced with gnomes and walk in the streets of kingdom and also play games. Let’s go back to our school, to our class. Stand up and do this exercise again. We are in our class. Sit down, please.

(Есік қағылады да хат беріледі) Pupils, the gnome Tim send a letter. Open a letter. You must do some sentences in Past Simple . And then read. Who wants to read?

Explanation of the homework:

a) Gnome Tim asked that you must write a letter .

b) exercise

Let’s plant a profit tree. You must choose apples.

Red apple - I liked a lesson. It was very interesting.

Green apple - I understood a theme. but tasks were difficult

Yellow apple - I didn’t understand a lesson.

As you see, you like the lesson. You plant a profit tree.

Marks: Captains mark members of groups. I believe to captains and mark as they say.

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