Классный час «Pre-reading» по английскому языку для 1-11 класса

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Учитель английского языка

  1. Pre-reading (До чтения текста)

Read only the title of the text. Look at the pictures. Think 5 vocabulary items the text will contain.

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This text will contain the information about: 1)





II. While-reading (Во время чтения текста)

1. Read the text and answer the question: What is Martin’s dream?

Martin’s dream is …

Martin’s Letter.


Great Britain

20th September

Dear Lena,

I am Martin Oldfield. I’m Jim’s friend. I live in London. Last summer I visited Russia. It was really great! I was in St Petersburg. It’s such a beautiful and interesting city. I spent two weeks there. The weather was fine. We went sightseeing. We travelled on a comfortable bus round the city. But best of all I enjoyed the palaces which are situated near St Peter. We were in Pavlovsk, Pushkin and Peterhof.

There is the most interesting, great and beautiful palace in Peterhof. It was amazing to see so many fountains there. The guide told us a lot of stories and legends about them. It was interesting to listen to him. After the trip we returned to the city by ship. It was fantastic! For a minute I imagined myself as a seaman.

I was very happy to visit Russia. It helped me decided to study the Russian language. I would like to learn more about the Russian history and literature. I like studying languages. I know a little French and German. And I can write fairy tales and short poems in English. My dream is to become a famous writer one day!

Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to travel? Do you like to learn about the history and traditions of other countries? And how did you spend your summer?

Best wishes,


to return – возвращаться

a language – язык

2. Give the answers:

  1. Is this text about Martin’s family? About Martin’s trip to Russia? About hobbies?

This text is about …

  1. What can you say about Martin Oldfield?

Martin Oldfield is …

  1. Where did Martin spend his summer holidays?

Martin spent his …

  1. What places did he visit?

He visited …

  1. What palace did he like best of all?

He liked …. best of all.

  1. What is martin’s dream?

Martin’s dream is …

3. Write down the most difficult words in understanding from this article.

4. What strategies did you use to define these words:

  1. guessing from the text;

  2. glossing in the text;

  3. translation;

  4. international words?

I used … to define these words.

5. Write down the key words from each paragraph.





6. Complete the following sentences:

  1. Last summer I …

  2. It’s such a beautiful …

  3. We were in …

  4. It was amazing …

  5. After the trip …

  6. It helped me decide …

  7. My dream is …

7. Complete the spidergram of Martin’s trip to Russia.

season how long

Martin’s trip to Russia

weather what places

8. Define the grammatical view of the following words/ word combinations:

Example: will find – Future Simple

  1. visited –

  2. best –

  3. many fountains –

  4. can write –

  1. Post-reading (Послетекстовая работа)

1. Write one sentence stating what you have learned from this text.

I’ve learned …. from this text.

2. What is the main subject of this text.

The main subject of this text is …

3. Indicate your interest in this text and in working on it. Tick (X).


very boring




interesting, useful and exciting

4. Were there any paragraphs you had difficulty in understanding? Which ones? Write the number(s) of it (them)?

5. Try to find out why you had difficulty. What was the main reason?

  1. lack of the word knowledge;

  2. grammatical problems;

  3. lack of time for reading;

  4. vocabulary;

  5. other things …. (write, please);

The main reason why I had difficulty was

6. Range your comprehension of the text. Tick (X) in the right column, please.








Grammatical skills

  1. Follow-up work

1. Prepare some photos of your summer holidays.

2. Write the letter to Martin and answer all his questions. Don’t forget about letter-writing rules.

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